“Unless you have experienced this level of insight it is difficult to articulate but it affects every aspect of one’s life, a shift in thinking. I 100% recommend.”

-R. Bartlett


If you are looking to either create a dynamic business, or are looking to improve the effectiveness of your business, then the chances are, you have been looking in the wrong place.

Most businesses and entrepreneurs believe business efficiency lies in business processes such as better marketing, more focused sales processes, tightening up on the margins, lowering of costs etc.

However, there is an area before any of this, that goes, for the most part, unnoticed and yet where the biggest waste of resource can be found.

How this is achieved is by a unique binary approach to business coaching where first, you answer a series of questions and then go through a process where you receive coaching and assessment from the two perspectives of IQ and EQ.

IQ deals with the more standard areas of business efficiency that are overseen by Carl Pate, who, with a background in accountancy and finance, has a track record of turning a loss making business (£160m + losses) into a highly profitable one that was sold for a multiple 8 figure sum.

EQ is where we expect to find the untapped resources of the individual and the business. By looking into the motivation behind setting up the business in the first place, and aligning it with the values of the individual and significant partners in the business, it is possible to cause an alignment that reflects and unleashes the true potential of each of those concerned, giving access to a far more potent dynamic than may have ever been realised before.

That area is the thinking and core motivation behind the business itself.

How we know this is because “My Business DNA” has, to date, proved this, 100% of the time.

Imagine having just one, single, conversation after which you are able to see why your business has been operating at a fraction of its true potential.

Imagine being able to see how, by just realigning your thinking by “a few degrees” you increase not only the level of efficiency but also add a dynamic to the business that causes both the business and its customers to respond in a far more positive, productive and ultimately profitable way.

This is the experience that is waiting for you when you decide to take part in realising your own Business DNA.

This aspect is overseen by Paul Hornsey-Pennell, a serial entrepreneur but also someone who has nearly 30 years of coaching experience at the highest level of sport and business.

A word of advice … the majority of people who read this, try to understand what is going on and what the benefits are and, in so doing, straight away demonstrate the “missing” in their capabilities. The reason for this is that, ultimately, “My Business DNA” is not something that needs to be understood, it is something that needs to be experienced, the reason being that, where the inefficiency is found, is in the emotional realm, not the intellectual one, which is often the route cause of the issues and limitations the majority of businesses are restricted by.

DNA Profile

With our unique DNA profile you will gain incredible clarity over what you are doing, who you do it for and, most importantly of all, why you are doing it.

The frightening statistics for business start ups tell us that 85% will fail within the first year of trading.  Our DNA profile is designed to help you to reverse these statistics and load the dice in your favour.

If you want to save time, and stop wasting money by going down dead ends, then our DNA profile is just for you.

One of the questions that we ask is “Do you Trust yourself? If you do, what do you trust and why do you trust it?”  When we unpack your thoughts around this question in conjunction with the rest of the profile, you will not only develop your awareness around your business model but you will establish a very clear intention about what you are doing.  When you couple this with the science of consistency you will soon be implementing your plans like never before.

This is the starting point for everyone on their journey with us. DNA is a business and personality profile in one.  It is a business plan without the boring numbers.  It will enable you to see clearly where you are now, where you want to be and how you can get there.  We will help you to clarify your mission, and make sure that your business values are aligned with your personal values.  Once you start to get this level of clarity, watch out, your world is going to be a very different place.

How does it work?

You will first complete a comprehensive on-line assessment which will be followed up with a Two on One Coaching Call with Paul Hornsey-Pennell and Carl Pate, where you will gain insights and strategies that will move you further towards your business goals than you could imagine.



In the first part of his career Carl spent almost 3 decades in senior finance roles in two organisations.  He trained as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG before moving to a large worldwide clothing manufacturer where he became CFO at the time of a Management Buy Out.  Carl was part of a team that bought a business while it was on its knees, having lost £166m in the 5 years prior to purchase and £65m in the year of acquisition.  Apart form turning the business around in 3 years, the team also faced a £20m unexpected tax bill and a £1m union claim.  12 years after acquisition the business was sold for a multiple 8 figure sum.

Carl later set up his own business, Productivity Powerhouse, where he is an expert in personal productivity and has written an Amazon Best Selling book, Making Shit Happen, created his own life management software, Daily Life Tracker, and created various online courses, webinars and seminars as well as coaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs.

Within My Business DNA Carl represents the IQ part of the business, focusing on consistency, systems and business.


Paul has been an entrepreneur from day 1 and has never had a traditional “job”.  After starting a coffee shop at Sixth Form College Paul went on to run multiple multi-level marketing businesses, a hot air balloon business, a movie catering business and many more entrepreneurial ventures.  Most significantly, in this context, Paul has been a peak performance coach for 30 years coaching at the highest level in sports and business including holding several coaching roles with English Premier League players and clubs.

Paul’s coaching style is a unique and extraordinary intuitive process that needs to be experienced to truly appreciate it.  If you want an easy ride then you should probably not be coached by Paul, but if you want honest and insightful guidance on how to get the very most out of both yourself and your business then there is no-one better to do this.

Within My Business DNA Paul represents the EQ part of the business, focusing on creativity, entrepreneurial flare and mindset.


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